Dirk Jan Geertsema

(1972, Groningen) is sinds 2006 bestuurslid van Initiatives of Change (IofC) Nederland.

Lotty Wolvekamp

Lotty WolvekampLotty Wolvekamp




Charlotte (Lotty) Wupke Maria Wolvekamp.

Kees Scheijgrond

Geboren in 1938 te Schoonhoven. Leerde Morele Herbewapening, nu Initiatives of Change kennen in de jaren '70 via zijn echtgenote Marina Verhulst. In de jaren daarna probeerde hij zijn nieuw gevonden levensovertuiging te combineren met zijn werk als Marine officier in Den Helder en Den Haag. Samen met zijn vrouw Marina zette hij zich in die begin jaren oa. in voor het gezin. Hij nam deel aan de maatschappelijke discussie over oorlog en vrede en vond zijn weg naar de kerk.

Cambodia's Nobel Nominee

Maha Ghosananda

Maha Ghosananda, Cambodia's spiritual leader, talks to Alan Channer about peace, suffering and trees

Sowing Seeds of Growth

Rebuilding after war - and rebuilding relationships - are keys to sustainable development says agriculturalist, Paul Craig.

Agents of Healing

Kenneth Noble meets two doctors who approach disease from the spiritual as well as the physical angle.

After the Killing Fields

As the Cambodian peace plan swings into action, a survivor of Pol Pot's terror talks to Mike Brown about justice and forgiveness.

Wake up and Look at Where You're At!

On 14 August 1990 the Otis Bantum Correctional Center (OBCC) on Rikers Island, New York City, erupted in violence. Inmates turned on officers and on each other with handmade weapons. Correctional officers then blockaded the island's only access bridge for 36 hours to protest the administration's failure to hear their concerns.

Held Hostage No More

On the day that her husband was taken hostage in Beirut, Sis Levin went into action. Her 11-month struggle for his release plunged her into controversy. She talks to Mike Brown.

'Just Do It'

David Allbrook's watchword has led him into famine relief, the hospice movement, the presidency of Amnesty International in Australia and pioneering medical training in East Africa. John Bond meets an academic who believes in action.