Mike Reiss on Square-Wheeled Bike

Riding a bicycle with square wheels isn’t an entirely impossible idea, either—you just need the right place to ride it. As former The Simpsons show-runner, writer, and producer, Mike Reiss, demonstrates at New York’s National Museum of Mathematics, a square-wheeled tricycle works just fine on a surface covered in a series of perfectly convex bumps. But those aren’t exactly easy to come by.

Insane Square Cycling

This square-wheeled bicycle takes an entirely different and clever approach to the problem, and can be comfortably ridden almost anywhere. The square wheels themselves don’t roll at all, but their rubber tires have been sliced up and paired with four sets of bike chains to create a continuous tread that rolls around the outside of each wheel. It’s essentially a pedal-powered tank, with the bottom edge of each wheel quietly gliding along the pavement as it’s ridden.


With an abrupt 90-degree angle on the wheel at the front of the bike, we’re going to assume it doesn’t have the same rough terrain-tackling prowess as a real tank does, and the custom pedal system doesn’t look like it will do the rider any favors when trying to climb hills. But, for all intents and purposes, this is a square-wheeled bike that’s actually rideable.